about me

I have 12 years of online and print production experience in the publishing industry. I've also worked in event planning, marketing and sales.

When I started as a freshman at Central Michigan University, the internet for public use was very new. I coded my first website hosted with Geocities in 1996. I taught myself basic HTML and scanned all photos from hard copies. I enjoyed figuring out which codes to use and troubleshooting to get the site to look the way I wanted. I spent many late nights at CMU's Woldt Lab teaching myself basic web design skills.

10 years after receiving my Bachelor's degree I kept returning to the thought that if I went back to school, I would study web design. Sure, I know some basic things, but formal instruction is definitely needed to start a new career. And why not start over and work toward a new degree? I decided in April 2010 to go back to school and started my first class just a month later.

I completed a Web Developer Certificate and graduated with Honors in April 2012. I'm currently putting my skills to use in the field of Online Ad Production and as a freelance web designer/developer.